We provide a safe, healthy, wholesome experience for the whole family that allows everyone to have a better body image and learn respect. We promote strong moral values through healthy lifestyle habits. Clothes-free recreation promotes self esteem, freedom and body acceptance. Plus it's fun!

Check out the pilot for our new series!

Follow our new crew armed with GoPro's and 5D's as they explore Deep Creek Hot Springs. Enjoy!

Our new adventure show "CFI On Location" is coming soon! As you can see from this pilot episode, our mission is to showcase the worlds best clothing optional locations from an immersive and adventurous perspective.

Coming Soon: Brand new news show produced by Clothesfree.com in association with the people at Blue Turtle! Plus, stay tuned for Nudes in the News from Brian at the NudistClubhouse.com meet up in Florida!

The latest nudist news by nudists. Now available on the iPhone!

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    On This Show: Join us for a special blooper edition of Nudes in the News! Get ready for some laughs! Join the CFI crew for the funniest behind the scenes moments over the past few years. From fumbling over the words to getting attacked by a bee, it's all here and caught on tape for your amusement! Join Brian, Philip, Kevin, Zoë, Michelle and many more of your favorite nudescasters for a hilarious look at the making of Nudes in the News! Enjoy!
    The latest nudist news by nudists. Now available on the iPhone!
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    Nature Zones ClothesFree.com's newest music video called "Whole Day Nude" by
    Ton Dou. See here!
    See members' area for full HD video!
    Nature Zones LAPD says nudity OK at World Naked Bike Ride 2011 in Los Angeles. See members' area for more!
    Nature Zones Watch ClothesFree Today! We welcome recording artist Ton Dou!
    Available in HD in the members area!
    Nature Zones ClothesFree.com Produces its First Nudist Music Video!
    Now available in HD in the members area!

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