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News Release
A Nudist Movie Going into Production

Naturally MagazineNatural Light Productions, LLC announces a new project to produce a full-length movie about the trial and tribulations of a family having a teenage daughter who decides she is a nudist.

The theme of the movie illustrates the idea that a teenage girl can decide that nude leisure and recreation has great appeal for her, and that she might be able to convince her friends to join her. There is  a conflict when the girl's family tries to deal with the idea that their daughter has decided to be a nudist. The girl has problems with her boyfriend too, when she announces to him that she enjoys nudism. Does the girl prevail? the movie has a modern twist that everyone will enjoy. This will be a light-hearted family movie that will depict nudism in a very positive way.

Natural Light Productions, LLC's goal is to help people learn about and ultimately embrace acceptance of social nudity in our culture. Natural Light wishes to promote the idea that social nudity is both emotionally and physically healthy. Human nudity is natural, comfortable and it's exhilarating and fun; Natural Light Productions, LLC intends to help bring that message to the public.

Natural Light Productions, LLC is extending a "casting call" invitation to the nudist community for actors. The principal girl will be cast, along with eight of her male and female friends. The girl's parents will be cast, along with three other adults. A suitable nudist resort setting is being negotiated for the nudist club filming. Actors outside the nudist community are also being considered. Please send an acting resume and any film clips and/or photographs to Natural Light Productions, LLC if you are interested in being considered.

About Natural Light Productions, LLC
Natural Light Productions, LLC is a wholly owned limited liability company with the mission of promoting a healthy acceptance of the nude human body. Natural Light Productions, LLC will accept any challenge to help bring the acceptance of nude living into the main stream of everyday life. If you would like to help in any way, please contact us.

Don Ramsey (Media Relations)

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