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We provide a safe, healthy, wholesome experience for the whole family that allows everyone to have a better body image and learn respect. We promote strong moral values through healthy lifestyle habits. Clothes-free recreation promotes self esteem, freedom and body acceptance. Plus it's fun!

Scenes from the latest show:

On This Show: Join us on this episode from the beautiful island of Hawaii! We visit the wonderful people at Hangin' Loose and get to check out this amazing resort. Plus, why do we get nude? Answers to that question and more!
Top Stories: Pitzer college in California is debating on having a clothing optional area on campus, Mike Rowe gets naked (mostly) to support his scholarship fund, French study reveals that bras cause more damage than good, Nia Long reveals that she thinks posing nude is the most uncomfortable thing ever, 7 young adults arrested for skinny dipping in Florida in the middle of the night, man stops his Tesla in the middle of a southern California highway and gets naked, and more...
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Quote of the Day

  • Join the CFI crew at Deep Creek!

    Follow our crew armed with GoPro's and 5D's as they explore Deep Creek Hot Springs. Our mission is to showcase the worlds best clothing optional locations from an immersive and adventurous perspective.
    Enjoy this free clip from CFI!
  • Scenes from show #296:

    On This Show: Join us on this show for complete coverage of the World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles! We capture the action from start to finish with an immersive look into this fantastic event. We talk with several first-timers and find their reasons for participating to be overwhelmingly positive toward nude recreation. We also speak with Allen Baylis from the Naturist Action Committee. You won't find more in-depth coverage of this amazing event anywhere else! Enjoy!
    The latest nudist news by nudists. Now available on the iPhone!
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    Nature Zones's newest music video called "Whole Day Nude" by
    Ton Dou. See here!
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    Nature Zones LAPD says nudity OK at World Naked Bike Ride in Los Angeles. See members' area for more!
    Nature Zones Watch ClothesFree Today! We welcome recording artist Ton Dou!
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    Nature Zones Produces its First Nudist Music Video!
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Including many new exclusive photos from the Maslin Beach Nude Games in Australia, the "Color Me Bare" 5K run at Lupin Lodge, Shangri La Ranch in Arizona and the World Naked Bike Ride. Plus many new members photos!


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